Raw honey, straight from the hive
The honey you get in the jar is exactly the way bees have made it, with no filtering, heating or any other kind of processing in between. It is only naturally strained, to get rid of any wax debris or other stray particles.

Each variety only becomes available in stores when the quality and quantity of production comply with our standards. For example, you will find Pine/Erica honey at your local store, only when erica flowers and pine trees are at their peak and produce their best quality nectar and honeydew, which is collected by the bees that produce this particular variety.
A unique honey, originating from a particular area where a large variety of local wildflower species coexist with pine trees. Its exceptional flavour is a combination of the wildflower nectar’s intense aroma and the pine honey’s more spicy tones.
This is considered to be one of the highest-quality dark Greek honey varieties, produced by bees that collect both pine tree honeydew and Erica flower nectar, resulting in a product of particularly high nutritional value and a subtle, earthy scent.
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in Greece.
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